Breaking 11

Our mission

To achieve maximum fuel efficiency, lower operating costs, and cleaner emissions for Class 8 tractor-trailer combinations.

Our vision

Through the combined use of new and existing technologies along with aerodynamic features, including a number of custom drag reducing elements, we believe that we have the optimal solution to fight the negative effects of friction. This friction is literally found where the rubber meets the road, within the engine, and with the air itself.

Why this project is important

Expanding the upper limitation of fuel economy for Class 8 diesel trucks is something from which everyone can benefit—from the profitability of owner/operators and fleets to lower freight/shipping costs.

And, as product moves between producers and consumers, a more efficient rig reduces the greenhouse gas emissions attributed to Class 8 diesel trucks. This reduces our carbon footprint on the planet and helps protect it for future generations.

Looking Ahead

Now that we're experiencing enhanced efficiencies with our second project tractor/trailer, we have set our sight on a number of advanced/new technologies. These fresh ideas bring about exciting opportunities as we strive to expand the upper-limits of fuel efficiency.

Should you have an advanced or new technology that you'd like us to consider, and possibly evaluate in a real world environment—on our rolling laboratory, please contact us. We're always willing to learn more about how to further improve our efficiencies in our quest of Breaking 11.

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